Online commute tracker

Car-Free Log is a web-based tracker for active transportation programs like bike week or commuter challenge events. Your participants log their miles and the web site automatically calculates totals, rankings, etc. It is a web-based solution, so there is no software to install or configure.


Emissions savings calculator

Participants can see the environmental impact of choosing active transportation over single-occupancy motor vehicle travel.

My LogReal time statistics and reports

Monitor the progress of your event with reports on participants' mileage, trips, rankings, mode split, demographics, and more. Car-Free Log tracks both miles traveled and trips taken, providing flexibility to meet your specific program needs.


Bicycling, walking, transit, and carpooling are all lincluded, and you can choose which modes are available to your participants. Car-Free Log also tracks work trips, non-work errands, and/or recreational rides.

On the go

Participants can track their commutes using any phone or PDA with a mobile web browser.

More features

  • Teams - participants can form and join teams based on work place, club, family, or other interest.
  • Data - you own your data and can export it for analysis, archiving, etc.
  • Safe and secure - everythig is backed up daily.
  • Run a one-time event or provide a year-round program.
  • Communication - easily email individual participants, teams, or the entire group.
  • Self service - participants can manage their own profile, password, mileage log, etc. with minimal work for you.

Learn More

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The Car Free Challenge is a program of BikeWalkKC, and we rely on the generous support of our members and donors to make it possible. If you enjoy the Car Free Challenge, please consider making a donation to help us keep it going.